Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Open your mind to travel

Will you ever leave your everyday life to travel the World?
One year and a half ago my first real experience started.
Since I was a child I dreamed about visiting the World alone, learn new languages and met different people.
When I was 16 my dream become true.

I went to live in Australia for 2 months alone.
I had the opportunity to explore another World with different cultures, different people, different taste.
It was so weird for someone who never went this far from home.
One year later I started another bigger experience in America.
I always thought that Australia and America were similar. In both countries people speak English...but it's not just about the language.
Places change, people change, everything it's so different and I can't event try to comparate my country with them.
If you never visit places far from your home, it's time to change your mind.
Don't let others or the worry to be far influence your decisions.
Take your bigger baggage and leave.
Open your eyes and love your planet because is full of things and traditions that you will love.
Go around the Glode and then comeback from the people you love.
You will love traveling but you will never stop missing them.
Traveling is dope and all but sometimes I just really wish I was home curled up on the couch watching Star Wars with my family.
Will you prefer to travel or to stay home with your family and friends?
What about new experiences in your life? Do you agree with me?

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