Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Let the music takes care of you

Is it possible to love someone that you never actually met?Let me introduce this person and what made him famous.
Adam Levine is the Grammy Award-winning frontman of Maroon 5, known for such pop hits as "She will be loved" and "Moves like jagger". He has also appeared as a judge/coach on The Voice.Adam Noah Levine was born on March 18, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. He formed his first band, Kara's Flowers, while attending the private Brentwood School with friends and fellow students Jesse Carmichael.The band then changed its name to Maroon 5 and released its debut 
album, Songs About Jane, in 2002. Two years later, after slowly climbing the charts, the album went platinum, and the song's music video turned Adam Levine into an instant sex symbol.
Now that we understood who he is and something about his band, I can say that I love Maroon 5 but most of all I love him.
Music saves me when I am tired but I don't want to fell asleep alone, when I want to study and at the same time don't fell asleep.
Music is something that I can stay without. Even for just a day.
Adam Levine is amazing for me. Did you ever heard his voice? Or did you ever heard his songs? You should also watch his movie "Begin Again".
What do you think about music? Do you have a favorite singer or band like me?

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